Thermal Bridging Stuff
Here are some files from the thermal bridging workshop at the 2010 Passive House conference. The Fairview example PHPP is not included due to copyright issues, but the thermal bridge calculation sheet is included as a stand-alone worksheet. Make this a new tab in your PHPP file, and reference the thermal bridge coefficients in this tab for the psi-value inputs in the Areas sheet.
When you download the THERM files, they might open as text in another window, and you might not be allowed to save with the .thm extension. Just save however you can, and then after that you can change the file extension to .thm. Note that the boundary conditions don't seem to update - you will need to re-assign them as per the guidelines in the tutorial.
Enjoy, and please contact me with any questions.
- Thermal Bridge Analysis for the PHPP
- Convert Thermal Coefficients
- Fairview Perimeter Thermal Bridge
- Fairview Perimeter Thermal Bridge (old style)
- Thermal Bridge Calculation Sheet
- Point Thermal Bridges

How to calculate PHPP window inputs from NFRC values
Thanks to Stephen Thwaits for pushing the thinking on this. Download here.

Insulation GWP Tool v 1.2
This tool allows you to calculate total climatic impact of various insulation options, specific to climate, heating fuel, etc. Presented at this year's NESEA conference, and following on the work of Danny Harvey and last year's EBN article, both on the global warming potential of foam insulation. Download here.

Thanks for a great group discussion last night! Find here a .pdf of our work together, and here a scan of the GRASP document. All other documents, and a wealth more, to be found free at the BSC website.