Right Environments provides full-service energy efficiency consulting for buildings. Our scope addresses all aspects of design and construction, and extends to commissioning and post-occupancy monitoring in order to ensure the realization of energy performance goals. Our philosophy is that direct experience is the most important aspect of making better buildings, and our business is structured accordingly. We strive to fold energy performance into a greater appreciation for durability, safety, health, comfort, and delight.
• Goal setting
• Schematic design consulting
• Calculation of annual energy demand and peak loads
• Envelope detail consulting for control of air, heat, water, and vapor
• 2D thermal analysis
• Detailed mechanical system design
• Construction site supervision for insulation and air tightness
• Systems commissioning
• Post-occupancy environmental and energy use monitoring
In House
Right Environments is structured as a one-person office based on the opinion that direct experience is richest for the individual who tends to every detail. The dedication to direct experience also informs the type of projects (tending toward local, simple, and small), as well as our insistence on post-occupancy monitoring. David White has spent the past twelve years seeking out the best environments for designing, studying, and teaching energy efficiency for buildings, from Tokyo to Pittsburgh, San Francisco to Stuttgart.
Out of House
Healing our relationship to energy and environment is a global problem. No one is independent, and the collective body of knowledge constantly advances. Right Environments is steeped in a community of practitioners, working together on a daily basis to make great buildings and usher the movement of energy efficiency forward. We actively support NESEA, participate in revising the NYC energy code and ASHRAE standard 189, engage formally in shared efforts for deep energy retrofits and the growing Passive House community, and collaborate regularly with Marc Rosenbaum of Energysmiths.
Teaching deepens understanding while ushering in the next generation. David is a visiting professor at Parsons the New School, teaching a course on the fundamentals of energy flows in buildings to architecture students. He heads the teaching of the Passive House analysis tool (PHPP) for consultant training on the east coast, and is a regular guest critic and lecturer at schools and organizations in and around New York City.
David graduated from Yale University with a double major in Architecture and Engineering Sciences Mechanical in 1997. He spent the following year apprenticing in energy efficient building design for Obayashi Corporation in Tokyo, studying fundamentals of energy in buildings and dynamic thermal simulation. The following year he apprenticed under the managing partner at Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann, a pioneer in the efficiency movement of the 1970’s. There he managed the development of the natural ventilation system for the David Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh.
In 1999 he began the Master of Architecture program at UC Berkeley, with parallel course work in Mechanical Engineering, graduating in 2003. While at Berkeley, he taught fundamentals of energy and environmental management in buildings to undergraduate and graduate students, wrote software for visualizing solar obstruction patterns in the sky dome, interned in London for Alan Short, and completed a design thesis on the thermal environment as a vital component of architectural design. He followed his studies with a year of residential construction work.
David then interned in Stuttgart for Transsolar, a leading international consulting office in energy and environmental quality for buildings. After six months, he opened their US office in New York, staying for four years. He developed climate and energy concepts for several leading low-energy buildings, including the Klarchek Information Commons at Loyola University and the Syracuse Center for Excellence Headquarters. He designed an ultra-low energy retrofit for a residence in Manhattan, using direct (compressorless) geothermal-to-radiant cooling with decoupled water-cooled dehumidification.
Right Environments opened its doors on April 1, 2009.