New affordable housing construction to Passive House standard in Syracuse, New York. One of three winners of the Syracuse From the Ground Up competition.
Della Valle Bernheimer and Architecture Research Office
Above Ground Walls 16" TJI w/ dense pack cellulose, exterior air barrier zip system, rain screen.
Below Ground Walls ICF with 8 3/4" foam
Slab 12" EPS
Windows Thermotech triple, double low-e, Argon (high gain south, low gain elsewhere)
Mass 2" concrete topping at ground level
Shade Manually retractable awning over entire South facade
Heat/Vent Zehnder ComfoAir 350 HRV. Fresh air hydronic heating system. Supplementary electric resistance.
DHW Solar drainback with flat plate collectors. Phoenix solar tank with gas backup for DHW and fresh air heating. By lifting the drainback tank to 1f ceiling, we keep a low circulator wattage - Taco 008.
Predicted Performance:
Heating (PHPP) 15 kWh/m2a
Primary Energy (PHPP) 70 kWh/m2a

Thermal delight, proud parents
Mechanical systems
2D thermal analysis, wall to wall
psi = -0.055 W/mK